Conference Speakers

Warwick Fox

Warwick Fox, PhD, is Reader in Ethics at the Centre for Professional Ethics, University of Central Lancashire. He is the author of Toward a Transpersonal Ecology: Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism (State University of New York Press, 1995), A Theory of General Ethics: Human Relationships, Nature, and the Built Environment (The MIT Press, forthcoming, October 2006), and many papers and articles on environmental ethics in journals, encyclopedias, and books. He is also the editor of Ethics and the Built Environment (Routledge, 2000). He has won various research awards including, in Australia, a three-year National Research Fellowship and a five-year Australian Research Fellowship, and, in the UK, research leave funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Board and the University of Central Lancashire. He has also served on the editorial advisory boards of several journals including Environmental Ethics and Organization and Environment.

Paper to be presented at the conference

General Ethics, the Theory of Responsive Cohesion, and a New Economic Paradigm