Conference Speakers

Marcello Palazzi, BSc MSc MBA

Economist, business manager and international relations analyst by education, Palazzi has practiced as "developer, architect and engineer" of business and civil society initiatives, ventures and enterprises for 25 years, partnering with UN agencies, governments, foundations, think-tanks and private businesses. He has been engaged in 200 projects in 30 countries.

Co-founder, Progressio Foundation, Netherlands,; executive board member, Tällberg Foundation, Sweden,; founder, ingeniox, UK,; Co-founder, Spirit in Business Foundation,, USA & Europe.

Following schooling in northern Italy, Switzerland and the UK, he studied at the University of Buckingham, London School of Economics, London Business School, MIT Cambridge, USA, and RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam, obtaining BSc, MSc and MBA degrees. In his spare time, he enjoys reading history, philosophy, architecture, some science and theology. Palazzi comes from a family of independent professionals (engineering, architecture, law, business, the arts). Living in the Netherlands, father of 3 children.