Conference Organizers

EFA - Etica, Finanza, Ambiente

The Siena based volunteer association EFA - Etica, Finanza, Ambiente - was founded in 1998 by people mostly active in financial and/or academic institutions, following meetings and discussions organized in course of the previous years by a group called "Laboratory for the development of a sustainable society".

Starting from a critique of the present developmental models, the association's research has focused on social, economic and environmental issues in the perspective of valuing ethical behavior in interpersonal relationships.

The association has organized lectures, conferences and workshops on topics including: globalization and poverty; the ethics of money; information technology: old and new inequalities; globalization, ethics and sustainable development; the energy "problem": requirements, renewable sources, obstacles and economic policies; fiscal policies, local finances and the environment; usury and money laundering.

More information about the organization can be found on the EFA association website (in Italian only).

Pari Center for New Learning

The Pari Center for New Learning was founded in 2000 as an alternative Academy dedicated to education, learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics and spirituality and is dedicated to the principle of "the spirit of place". Housed in a medieval village it is an ideal location in which to pause and think about future and values, meaning and direction of our contemporary society.

The Center runs courses and conferences and offers an opportunity for scholars and researchers to spend extended periods in Pari. The Center is engaged in various projects around the following themes:

  • Dialogues between Science and Religion
  • The Future of Knowledge and Education in the World of the Internet
  • Science and the Arts
  • the Pari Network, a group of business people and economists concerned with the role of ethics, trust and loyalty in the market place

The Center is also involved in projects for a sustainable social and economic future of the surrounding area and of its young people.

Visit the Pari Center for New Learning website for more information.