Third Session : Practical Steps Toward a New Economic Paradigm

Speaker: Henk van Arkel

Abraham and Keynes on money

In my definition of spirituality it is important that one places him or herself in the history one is rooted in. For most of us this is a tradition started by Abraham. Few are aware that this name stands for the first well documented ethical reflection in western society, forced into existence by huge social and environmental disasters.

This tradition does above all sees a specific aspect of money as the main opponent for spiritual and ethical behaviour.

This becomes all the more interesting now the very nature of money is changing due to the modern techniques of informatics.

In the tradition of Abraham ethical thinkers and doers should focus on one central question these days: can we direct the upcoming changes towards an outcome that would provide humanity with more room for just and spiritual behaviour? In other words, market economies that inherently give the weaker members all chance to optimise, a market economy that is capable to optimise not only the outcome for individual greed but also for the best of the collective.

In my lecture I will share with you some major faults in the architecture of money and how some of them can be avoided. How we can escape certain prisoners dilemma's , reduce the costs of globalisation and monetarisation and find new approach to the old debates between Mercantilists, Keynesians and Classicists.

This all is background to the practical work of STRO in the field of research, the realisation of clusters of enterprises using open source software that permits them to work with new monetary rules, with our ultimate goal: the establishment of the Bretton Woods Bancor-proposal of Keynes.