Papers to be presented at the conference

First Session:
Economics and Spirituality: Ethics, Trust and Loyalty in the Marketplace

The relevance of the spiritual factor for a new approach to economics
Presenter: Dr. Edy Korthals Altes

General Ethics, the Theory of Responsive Cohesion, and a New Economic Paradigm
Presenter: Warwick Fox

The importance of an appropriate individual behaviour to surpass the limits to globalisation: Rediscovering the legacy of E.F.Schumacher
Presenter: Prof.dr. H.Opdebeeck (University of Antwerp)

Spirituality and economics: the black side of individualism and short-termism
Presenter: Alessandro Vercelli

Second Session:
Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Investment

Corporate Philanthropy and Global Citizenship
Presenter: Geoffrey Bush

Relazioni di clientela e conflitto di interessi nella banca (title only)
Presenter: Francesco Cesarini

The Compass of Ethics
Presenter: Ernesto Illy

Special presentation

Hard Rain
Presenter: Mark Edwards

Third Session:
Practical Steps Toward a New Economic Paradigm

Abraham and Keynes on money
Presenter: Henk van Arkel

Clean Air Island
Presenter: Shanta Chatterji

Community-based mutual aid systems
Presenter: Paul Glover

Sustainable Communities - What Makes Them Work?
Presenter: Diana Schumacher