Conference Overview

The vast changes which are taking place in the present world economy urgently confront us with issues of trust, loyalty, stability and responsibility. Only a globalization process embodying an awareness of long term processes and a spiritually based commitment to the common good can build a sustainable future for humanity. Joining the notions of ethics, spirituality and the behavior of the homo oeconomicus is tantamount to invoking a radical paradigm shift in economics, business and governance.

This conference will bring together speakers with a lifetime of experience in business, finance, economics and environmental issues to explore the outlines of an ethical paradigm shift in the economic sphere.

Moving from the consideration of how a spiritual attitude to life - a sense of awe and reverence for the miracle of existence - can shape the behavior of economic agents, the conference aims at investigating concrete mechanisms able to support ethical choices in corporations and financial institutions.

It will evaluate the impact of individual behavior in bringing about social change. It will discuss issues related to a company's social responsibility, moral standing, reputational risk and sustainable investment.

Finally it will examine some concrete ways to implement both on a local and a global scale mechanisms designed to correct the distortions of our present economic systems. Of particular interest in this respect are the "complementary currencies", which hold the potential of substantially altering the rules of the money game towards a greater consideration of human labor and of the needs of communities and the environment. They may indeed represent an important aspect of "the future of money".

The conference will be articulated in three half-day sessions and a final round table open for public attendance.

The conference will be conducted in English and Italian with simultaneous translation.


  • Economics and Spirituality: Ethics, Trust and Loyalty in the Marketplace (Friday morning)
  • Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Investment (Friday afternoon)
  • Practical Steps Toward a New Economic Paradigm (Saturday morning)
  • Round Table: Implementing Change in the Everyday World - Can the Individual Make a Difference? (Saturday afternoon)

Complete details of the conference program can be found in the timetable.